Beyond the Resume: What We Do Before Recommending the Best Acute Nurses


For years, people have been talking about the “nursing shortage.” The Great Recession delayed this shortage for a while, but it is now approaching crisis proportions in many states, particularly in the South and West. Acute care nurses in LTC settings are especially in demand as Baby Boomers age. Facilities recognize this dilemma. Therefore, retaining current nurses is a much higher priority for management. As a result, the best-qualified candidates are very hard to find. Some facilities feel pressure to hire second-tier candidates just to keep the population up. But that approach is only a stopgap. Sooner or later, second-tier … Read more

Long Term Care Nurse Job Candidates: Critical Interviewing Tips

long-term care candidates

Congratulations to all long-term care nurse job candidates who have made it this far. Less than two percent of the people who send resumes are invited for interviews. But now is no time to become complacent. Now is the time to kick things into high gear, because your job search just moved to the next level. If an employer wants to interview you, the employer is interested in you. The interview is your chance to seal the deal. To help you make the most of that opportunity, here are a few tips that have helped job seekers get over the … Read more